Biomusica is a discipline that works on balancing the physical, emotional and energetic levels of the individual, improving the quality of his/her life. It is believed that by using music as a means of therapy, the method can work in prevention and in education as well as in rehabilitation and personal development. The main focus of the intervention is to think of the individual as being in constant evolution. For this reason, in Biomusica, the therapeutic aspect does not lessen the evolutionary aspect, because a real therapy also encourages self-development.

  What activities are carried out during a Bio music meeting?

The Biomusica meetings are practical, fun, reflective and relational. They are applicable and adaptable to any area and age in a direct and experiential way. We do energetic exercises, transmission and reception of sounds, games, introspective experiences, guided stories and active relaxation.

The ideal situation for the meetings is in a group: from the first moment, Biomusica works to achieve integration between the participants through playful activities in a trustful and secure climate. This opens the way so that these energetic exercises can act directly on the physical, emotional and bioenergy of the person; thereby producing effects of well being within a few meetings.

  What are the exercises based on?

The exercises are based on the idea that many illnesses, both biological and mental, have their origin in emotional factors. This is why the most important principle in this technique is the use of sound on the Body-Emotions-Energy Triangle. Humans somatize their emotions and this influences the functioning of the body and mind. Working on these aspects, Biomusica plays a part in creating a new inner-being, thus encouraging an integral equilibrium. Certain sounds affect the level of the bioenergetics system. As the primary tool, we use our voice, which is accompanied by specific types of breathing and mental imagery. The sound directed in a certain way becomes an auditory massage that causes physical effects depending on the vibrational frequency. The effects are also mental due to the emotional atmosphere that is created. These exercises are the foundation of Biomusica. Through the techniques we offer, we try to guide the individual to a certain level of awareness, from which he can take action to resolve his conflicts and regain energy that has been withheld. All our exercises are aimed to promote this process.

  What are the benefits?

The frequent practice of Biomusica:
– Balances the bigeneric system
– Boosts the immune system
– It improves self-esteem and state of the mind
– Enhances creativity
– Promotes self examination and resolution of emotional conflicts
– Stimulates physical and emotional expressiveness
– Improves communication and socialization
– Reduces fatigue and stress

  Who can practice it?

All those people who wish to improve their quality of life regardless of age, with or without having had their symptoms declared. Biomusica is used with people from all walks of life: groups of children and young people of school age, adults, elderly, pregnant women, and drug addicts. Thanks to its ability to integrate with other expressive and / or therapeutic techniques, it can be used in the following work environments: educational schools and organizations, hospitals, wellness centers, holistic treatment centers, rehabilitation centers, mental health centers and social and work support programs.

  What is the difference between Biomusica and Music therapy?

Music therapy consists basically in the use of sound to achieve certain results. This therapy is presented in different ways depending on the goal of the therapist. Therefore it is very difficult to give a single definition. For this reason we prefer the term music therapy to encompass all disciplines that use music in their treatment. Biomusica is different from the traditional therapy. It enters into those methods that use the creating of music: by involving the person with all of his aspects. Furthermore there are three distinctive elements:
– Biomusica will also appeal to people without having declared symptoms, so it is not limited to the world of disabilities and pathologies.
– It introduces the concept of bioenergy.
– It considers all people as being in constant evolution, regardless of the physical or mental condition in which they find themselves.

  What isn’t Biomusica?

It not a New Age technique, nor is it ambient music. Neither has it a psychoanalytical nor sectarian approach. Biomusica is based on ancient knowledge about the influence sound has on the human body; knowledge that today has the foundation in the scientific world.


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