Our Biomusica International School has more than twenty years of experience in countries around the world: Italy, Argentina, Spain, Cuba, England and Mexico. We are continuously training new professionals who apply Biomusica in different areas of health, education and social and labor sectors.

The main role of a Biomusica professional is to work with the conscious use of sound, to change the individual’s negative emotional reality to a positive one. The goal is to allow the person to improve his relationship with himself and consequently with others. If the sound is carefully directed, it acts on three closely linked areas: body, emotions and energy. In so doing, it can prevent the somatization of energy blockages and /or pushes back behavior that negatively affects mental and physical health.

Our training is oriented towards health and social workers, holistic therapists, teachers, educators, musicians, music therapists, art therapists, students and any person who wants to learn a discipline aimed at personal development and/ or involved in the social, educational or wellness sectors.

Diploma: “Biomusica Professional”
The annual training consists of in-depth modules that gradually strengthen the relations and cooperation within the group, enabling effective learning.
Each module consists of:

  • Cooperative games
  • Theoretical parts
  • Experiential activities
  • Energetic exercises
  • Self-examination within the group

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Why does Biomusica propose a different school?

Our goal is to create a theoretical and practical learning space that strongly emphasizes personal growth. We consider this vital in student training which becomes important in their future role as a Biomusica professional.
Therefor we put forward the ideas:

  • To learn through practical methods: participatory and with a solid theoretical base.
  • To Experience firsthand techniques that will then be used in their work.
  • To learn introspective methods of observation and reflection of the mental mechanisms that affect all people.
  • Innovative subject matters taught by specialists in their field.

What are the advantages of our training?

Train to become a Biomusica Professional

  • It strengthens personal and professional skills by offering theoretical and practical ways to deal effectively with work situations and/or within the community.
  • It helps form a useful social and work role in that the professional becomes an individual who can change negative emotions into positive.
  • It provides practical techniques and innovative concepts that can be applied in different groups and fields.
  • It offers a look that re-evaluates the individual. It helps the interaction between the body, emotions and intellect, which are inseparable aspects in the construction of well-being.
  • It allows you to experience the benefits of teamwork and playful dynamics used as instruments to promote expression and communication between ones self and the relationship with others.
  • It is an effective way to find employment.

What fields can Biomusica be applied?

Biomusica can be applied in all areas where the goal is to improve the quality of the person’s life by way of prevention, education, personal development and/or rehabilitation.
Even though we operate in many countries with diverse problems and languages, we can apply the same bio music techniques. Our methods are used in hospitals, mental health centers, in rehabilitation centers, in community centers, prisons, schools and universities and differing groups of all ages: children, adults, elderly, with or without declared symptoms.

Where can I train to become a Biomusica Professional?

Verify the availability of training nearest you: